Shinson Hapkido in the Corona period: thoughts of the president and the board of the association and current information on upcoming events

Dear Shinson Hapkido members, dear blackbelts, dear dojangleader,  dear visitors of our website

I take a bow with "Hap Jang" and hope that you will get through this dark time of suffering well and especially that you stay healthy. Once again I would like to honour the victims of the Corona virus, share the suffering of their relatives and friends and give them comfort with my heartfelt thoughts.
So far I have not noticed that anyone in our Shinson Hapkido family has been infected with the virus and I hope that this will remain so. I am very interested about your health and the upcoming Shinson Hapkido events. On the way to reach humanity through the five teaching methods, we are currently facing the great task of putting trust (midum) above fear and worry, like we always teach it.

Last week, the leaders of the organization of the upcoming events have made decisions. I have accepted these together with the board of the International Shinson Hapkido Association and would like to inform you officially. This concerns
- the 19th sailing trip from 08.05. - 15.05. under the direction of Sabomnim Christoph Albinus
- the 34th Pentecost course from 30.05. - 01.06. under the on-site responsibility of Bu-Sonsanim Jochen Liebig
- and the 36th summer camp from 10.07. - 17.07. under the on-site responsibility of Bu-Sabomnim Astrid Lindemann, Kyosanim Mandy Guiterrez-Plasser and Kyosanim Ilka Volz

All three events are cancelled and unfortunately cannot take place. At the bottom of this e-mail I am also sending you a letter from the ISHA Board and the letters from the heads of organisation who would like to tell you more about their motives and thoughts.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank and comfort all those who have put so much heart and effort into preparing these events and the previously cancelled courses. Until we came to these decisions, many people have given their advice, and I would like to thank them for that too.
The health of the people and their safety is my first priority, and we must also follow the official guidelines of the government. And yet “Do” should always be our first priority.
As a teacher I would like to tell you that the desire for safety and perfection can also be a kind of insecurity and can become ugly. We are a “Do family” and therefore we see not only the outer, visible form, but also the invisible, inner form.
Many people in Shinson Hapkido wish for a beautiful life, to be able to enjoy life and not to have to live like in a hamster wheel, but I have often told you that this life is then uncertain and full of pain (Innae). But then comes a life full of adventure. Such a life means to live in the "now".
We should be careful, but we also have to be careful of too much fear and too much worry, because I think this is also an inner, dangerous virus - and to get out of it we need courage and hope. We can do it.

I will not write any more in the near future, but I will keep you informed through the board. I ask you to trust and support the board, that you or your dojangleaders have elected.
I also wish and pray that we can meet again soon and hug each other, dance and sing together. 

We do not see each other in person right now, and our bodies are far away and separated, but we are connected even closer through our hearts.
„Him Chagee, Julgob-gae, Jaemiit-gae”!


Sonsanim Ko Myong

President of the International Shinson Hapkido Association
Overall responsibility for Pentecost & Summer Camp