Hjerteligt velkommen

Greetings to the new year by Sonsanim Ko.Myong

Dear members and friends of Shinson Hapkido,
I would like to send you a warm greeting and good wishes at the beginning of the year 2021!Because of the ongoing pandemic with the associated contact restrictions, more and more people become lonely, do not move enough or maintain an unhealthy lifestyle, I would like to set an example for you and give you a glimpse of my daily training with a short video as motivation for the coming year. My daily training sequence lasts about 1 - 1.5 hours, after which I go to the Son-Dojang in the Chon Jie In house, do gymnastics and meditate.The idea I want to convey is, "Don't just sit and lie down, get up, run and jump!"
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Shinson Hapkido and Covid-19

The new corona virus has spread further and further and caused a worldwide pandemic. In almost all countries the restrictions on public life are drastic. The Shinson Hapkido community is also affected. The Dojangs have temporarily stopped their training. Many of them have managed to offer appropriate offers according to the situation, which make it possible to stay in contact and in motion. For example, training sessions via video conference or joint meditation meetings are offered with spatial distance. You can get the latest information on this from the dojang leaders, and for some dojangs also directly on the respective website.
We would like to encourage you to continue to train, meditate and cultivate the community - in whatever form that is possible.
In the course of the pandemic some events had to be cancelled. The effects on further upcoming events will be checked step by step based on the current situation. You can find current information on this under the section Activties on this website.
Find a balance between the necessary retreat and the absolute necessity of practising trust, respect, patience, modesty and love.
We wish you good health and that we can resume training as soon as possible. Warm regards,

Annette Dirksen, Lennart Fahrholz, Bernhard Tessmann, Rotraud Hänlein 
Board of the International Shinson Hapkido Association