Shinson Hapkido Autumn Seminar cancelled

Dear Shinson Hapkido Trainees,
our Dojang has met to make a decision about the 2G / 3G fall course. The exchange and the different opinions have been important for us to make a clear decision. The fact is that a 3G course in the previous scale is not conceivable for
all under the current Hamburg pandemic conditions and would have included many restrictions / uncertainties.
(E.g., in a 3G model, only 50 people would be allowed in the gym!) In contrast, a 2G course would exclude the unvaccinated and feed division among themselves. This would not and is not in our spirit and would not fit the spirit of the
Fall Course. The fall course stands for us as organizers/hosts: for a great community, joy of reunion, hugging, laughing + sweating, celebrating, singing, a rich buffet, place to stay overnight, breakfasting together, meditating, and recharging a lot of energy....
All this we cannot imagine to realize this year and at this moment here in Hamburg.
In the name of all trainers
from the Dojang Hamburg 1
Lidija Kovacic
Sabomnim, 8th Ki,  Dojang management Hamburg 1