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ISHA-aktiviteter for 2022


Due to the situation caused by the corona-pandemie we had to cancel several workshops and meetings. 
For the future we will check the actual situation and make referring decisions.


23. Int. Shinson Hapkido børn og unge speciallejr

i Herzebösch/ Belgien.
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Jubilee 20 Years Dojang Erbach

Congratulations to Bu-Sabomnim Günther Lust ! 
The Dojang Erbach invites you to celebrate this from 3:00 pm at Dojang Erbach, Schulhohlstraße 8, 64711 Erbach/Erlenbach.
Contact for accommodation and other questions ...

04.06. - 06.06.2022

36. International Shinson Hapkido Pinselejr

We are Lucky to announce that  36. Pentecoast course will be held this year in Presence again.  A special Welcome to ur guest from She Sung-Kwan Hapkido from Korea, Grandmaster Jung, Ik Chul, 8. Dan and his son, Master  Jeong, Sang Woo, 4th Dan.
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17.06. - 19.06.2022

Int. Praktisk Shinson Hapkido Danprøve til 36. Ki og højere dangrader

i Zentrumsdojang Darmstadt/ Tyskland.


CJI Myong Sang Sang sommertræf

i Chon-Jie-In Huset, Webern/Tyskland.
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28.07. - 16.08.2022

Summerbreak ISHA

The bureau will start on onsdag, 17. August 2022.


38. International Shinson Hapkido Sommerlejr


International Shinson Hapkido Benefiz Martial Arts Gala

as part of the annual International summercamp.
See all informations here ...

21.8. - 13.9.2022

International Shinson Hapkido Korea-Studytour 2022

"Looking for the roots of Hanol".
Since last year's Korea trip was cancelled, there are now one trip each planned in 2022 & 2023. Due to various reallocations of participants, there are now 3-4 free places left for the Korea trip 2022.
Please see the announcement...


Træf for Int. Shinson Hapkido Forskningsteam

i CJI-Huset, Webern/Tyskland.

15.10. - 16.10.2022

37. Int. Shinson Hapkido Dan-Seminar

i Griesheim/ Tyskland.


CJI Myong Sang efterårstræf

kl 11 i Chon-Jie-In huset, Webern/Tyskland.
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- we will practice under the current corona-rules.

28.10. - 30.10.2022

10. Internationaler Shinson Hapkido Sabomnim Workshop

Dojang Seligenstadt/ Tyskland.
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04.11. - 06.11.2022

Internationaler Shinson Hapkido efterårslejr

i Berlin/ Tyskland.

18.11. - 20.11.2022

53. International Shinson Hapkido Kyosanim-Lejr Süd

i Seligenstadt/ Tyskland.


36. Gårdbasar med formål at hjælpe ældre

Afholdes i gården ved den internationalecentrum-Dojang Darmstadt/Tyskland.


ggf. Int. Shinson Hapkido Dan-regraduering

i Int. Zentrums-Dojang Darmstadt/ Tyskland.


37. International Shinson velgørende-årsafslutningsfest

i Griessheim/ Tyskland.