Copyrights and other special protection laws

Shinson Hapkido is a protected trade mark. Proprietor of the copyrights according to copyright law is the founder of Shinson Hapkido, Ko Myong.
Only bearers of an official Shinson Hapkido Kyosanim license are allowed to officially teach and distribute "Shinson Hapkido Know How".

Liability of content

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  2. Links
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  3. Copyright and labelling law
    The author aims to observe the copyrights with all publications. He observes to use only graphics, audio and video documents and texts produced by himself or to resort to license-free graphics, audio and video documents and texts. Should there still be any copyright protected graphic on the respective sites, the copyright could not be assessed by the webmaster. In the case of such a non-intentional copyright violation, the respective object will be removed from the publication or marked with the respective copyright after the notification. All brand marks and trademarks within the internet content and all brand marks and trademarks possibly protected by third parties are unrestrictedly subject to the respective valid labelling law and right of ownership of the respective registered owner. Only by the sole crediting it must not be deduced that the trademark is not protected by rights of third parties. The copyright of published objects produced by the author lies solely with the author of the sites. A duplication or employment of such graphics, audio and video documents and texts in other electronical or printed publications is not legitimate without the expressed consent of the author.
  4. Legal effectiveness of this disclaimer
    This disclaimer must be seen as part of the internet content from where the reference to this site was made. If any parts or singular phrasings of this text should not conform or not conform anymore or not fully conform to the actual legal status, all other parts of the document will stay unaffected in their content and validity.