Here you will find a list of the international Shinson Hapkido association's activities.
If you wish to open a complete overview (pdf) please click here:

ISHA-activities in 2021


Due to the situation caused by the corona-pandemie we had to cancel several workshops and meetings. 
For the future we will check the actual situation and make referring decisions.


Meeting of Dojangleaders

at Chon-Jie-In House Webern/Germany.
The responsible Dojangleaders will be invited via personal mail.


Meeting of International Shinson Hapkido Association Members

at CJI-House Webern/Germany.
Please give us a reply. The ISHA invitation will be send to all members.

12.02. - 14.02.2021

17. International Shinson Hapkido Workshop for the 3. Dan programm

at Dojang Aachen/Germany.
Postponement of the date! Please see all informations...

05.03. - 07.03.2021

35. International Shinson Hapkido Bu-Sabomnim Workshop

at Dojang Seligenstadt/ Germany.
Please see the invitation...

19.3. - 21.03.2021

International Shinson Hapkido Spring-Seminar

at Dojang Cologne, Germany.
Please see the information sheet...

09.04. - 11.04.2021

51. International Shinson Hapkido Kyosanim-Education Seminar

at the Chon-Jie-House Hamburg/ Germany.
Please download the invitation...

16.04. - 18.04.2021

17th International Shinson Hapkido Workshop for the 3rd Dan program

at Dojang Aachen, Germany (new date).
Further informations will follow....


CJIMyong Sang Spring-Meeting

at Chon-Jie-In House, Webern/ Germany.
Start at 11 am.
Please download all informations  related to the Corona-Pandemie here...

23.04. - 25.04.2021

21. International Shinson Hapkido special seminar for kids- and youngster

in Elsenborn Herzebösch/ Belgium.
Please download all informations here...

30.04. - 02.05.2021

Country-Seminar in Denmark

will be hold by Sonsanim Ko.Myong in Holbæk/ Denmark.
Please download all informations here....


Presentation of the Dan-Examination 2020 to Ki and higher Dan-Graduates

Former informations will follow


Jubilee 20 Years Dojang Semmerin

Congratulations to Sabomnim Christoph Albinus and his wife Ii Dan Saskia Leissner-Sager ! 

22.05. - 24.05.2021

35. International Shinson Hapkido Pentecoast-Seminar

in Groß-Bieberau, Odenwald/Germany.

05.06. - 06.06.2021

International Shinson Hapkido Dan-Examination to the 35. Ki and higher Dan-graduations

theoretical examination and practical preparation at the International Center-Dojang Darmstadt/ Germany.


19. Shinson Hapkido Sailing an Training in the Northern Sea

Ship: Jonas-von-Friedrichsstadt
Seminar hold by Sabomnim Christoph Albinus. 


CJI Myong Sang Summer-Meeting

at Chon-Jie-In Houss, Webern/Tyskland.

16.07. - 18.07.2021

Int. Shinson Hapkido Dan-Examination to the 34. Ki and higher Dan-graduations

A fitting location will be announced soon.
alternative date incase of Corona-Pandemie will be october. 1st to 3 rd.

26.07. - 22.08.2021

Summerbreak ISHA

The office will be openend again on wednesday, 25 of august 2021.

30.07. – 06.08.2021

36. International Shinson Hapkido Summercamp

in Darmstadt/Seligenstadt, Germany.
Have a look at the teaser...


International Shinson Hapkido Martial Arts Gala

as part of the International summercamp Darmstadt/ Seligenstadt, Germany.

19.08. - 11.09.2021

18. International Shinson Hapkido Korea Study-Tour

"Looking for the roots of Hanol"

21.08. - 04.09.2021

Shinson Hapkido Kreta-Tour

Shinson Hapkido and Holidays.
Seminar hold by Sabomnim Lidija Kovacic.


CJI Myong Sang Autumn-Meeting

at Chon-Jie-In House, Webern/Germany.
Start at 11 am.


Annual Meeting of Shinson Hapkido Research Team

at Chon-Jie-In-House, Webern/Germany.

16.10. - 17.10.2021

36. International Shinson Hapkido Dan-Seminar

in Griesheim/ Tyskland.

22.10. - 24.10.2021

9. International Shinson Hapkido Sabomnim Workshop

at Dojang Seligenstadt/ Germany.

05.11. - 07.11.2021

International Shinson Hapkido Autumn-Seminar

in Hamburg/ Germany.

19.11. - 21.11.2021

52. International Shinson Hapkido Kyosanim-Education and Training

in Seligenstadt/ Germany.


35. Yard Basar for old people´s welfare

at the International Center-Dojang in Darmstadt/Germany.


ggdf. International Shinson Hapkido Dan Re-Examination

at the International Center-Dojang Darmstadt/ Germany.


36. International Shinson Hapkido End-of-Year Benefit Ceremony

in Griessheim/ Germany.