Stump Mission

The Mission Stump in Lusaka / Sambia has been a blessing for many people in a large region of Africa. Here arose under the leadership of Mr and Mrs Huh, a small medical clinic, a school and a kindergarten. In Sambia, the average life expectancy in recent years has fallen below 35 - and this is a country that really has many possibilities  to get financially back on their feet and support their own people.

Because of the clinic and the medical care, the latest cholera outbreak had no major effect on the people in the vicinity of Stump Mission. Without the regular help from Europe, provided by many Shinson Hapkido members and friends, this project would be in danger. The funds are necessary for the medical supply, since there is no health insurance in Sambia. Help is especially intended for children. Thus, support for a kindergarten, a school and construction of a children's hospital, which  currently is 2 / 3 finished,  is extremely important.

Here is a letter from Sambia, September 2019