History of Shinson Hapkido

Shinson Hapkido has been developed in Europe since 1983 as a comprehensive exercise and health training. The founding idea was the question: How can people live in harmony with themselves, their fellow human being and Nature?
The initiator and founder is the Korean grandmaster Sonsanim Ko. Myong. Over the past 28 years, many people have participated in the development and dissemination of Shinson Hapkido after being go to know with the training. This allowed the combination of diverse experiences and knowledge of various disciplines with the knowledge of Asian medicine and movement teachings to form a whole new system. This synthesis and the qualified education and training of teachers form the basis for the development of Shinson Hapkido as movement for life.

Here is a personal recollection from Sonsanim Ko. Myong, the founder of Shinson Hapkido