Shinson Hapkido and Covid-19

Dear Friends
The Corona pandemic has been with us for more than a year now. After a lean period with online training and other makeshift solutions, many dojangs were able to get back to training "for real" in the meantime, always with a sense of proportion and adapted to the regionally and currently applicable regulations.
We are happy that we can move together again and slowly get closer again. Of course, we follow the current developments and publish on this website which international events will take place and under which conditions. Current information about training offers of the individual dojangs and information about hygiene measures and concepts can be obtained from the dojang leaders, for some dojangs also directly on the dojang website.
During the pandemic, however, we have had daily opportunities to put into practice what we practice in training. Approach each other with a clear eye - stay alert. Showing interest, even at a distance. Breathing - Being able to breathe is the gift of life, we were made painfully aware of this by Corona. To breathe deeply and consciously is to feel and enjoy life "to the fullest". Technique - It was necessary to find ways and means to stay in motion and in contact, to deal with a situation, a new opponent, to react, to find the "gap" as in partner and free fight training.
We habe been impressed to see how creative, responsible and versatile our dojang leaders, teachers and students dealt with limitations and the ever-changing rules. And new doors have also opened this year. When did we have the opportunity to "visit" Casa Verde or Diakonia Sisterhood with more than 100 people at the same time? Or participate in an online training somewhere else entirely? Online training remains a crutch and a compromise. Many of us have made new experiences recently. More nature, quietness, retreat. Less noise, action, consumption. We are excited to see what we will take away from this time.

Greetings and enjoy the movement.
Annette Dirksen, Lennart Fahrholz, Bernhard Tessmann, Rotraud Hänlein
ISHA Board, July 2021