Social Projects

Shinson Hapkido is inextricably linked with a social and cultural commitment of national and international sort. One example is the International Hapkido Shinson festival for "Action Human", which we have organized regularly since 1984.

In addition, we have acquired sponsorships for 4 international projects through which people in need are helped directly - not only in the short term through donations but also in the long term by building kindergartens, hospitals and schools.

In connection with the annual international summer camp, the donations from the proceeds of the big show for example, are also applied for the benefit of a social project in the country which hosts the summer camp.

Account for donations:
Volksbank Darmstadt
IBAN DE 52 5089 0000 0010 7644 24

Han San Chon, South Korea

Sponsorships for Han San Chon, which is a home for terminally ill tuberculosis patients in South Korea, has existed since 1986.

Old and young together

Under this motto, many members work to help out others near the Shinson Hapkido school.  Shinson Hapkido members work from the idea that all are "one", and respect that the younger generation has a lot for which to thank the previous generation, they try to remember the older people's needs. 

Lusaka Stump Mission, Sambia

Sponsorships of Lusaka Stump Mission, a development assistance project in Sambia (kindergarten and hospital department), has existed since 1992.

Casa Verde, Peru

Since 1998 we have supported the project "Casa Verde" in Peru, which educates children, adolescents and young adults with social problems and the opening of a Shinson Hapkido dojang in Arequipa.