What is Shinson Hapkido?

Shinson Hapkido is movement and exercise training for people of all ages. It demands no qualifications except the willingness to interact and learn in a community. Groups aimed at people with special needs may be established based on demand. The goal of Shinson Hapkido is a healthy and long life full of joy. This can only be achieved through a clear and loving relationship to oneself, others and Nature as a whole. Therefore a central focus of Shinson Hapkido is on the development of humanity and love of Nature.

For the individual this means: Development of physical and mental health, discovery of personal capabilities and limitations as well as the development of appropriate social skills.

In a community context this means: Development of stable communities, the pursuit of social justice as well as work for peace and freedom. In addition to this Shinson Hapkido sees the human as a creature among the many forms in Nature. This implies the need for responsible interaction with other living beings and Nature as a whole.

To emphasize the goal of development as a human being, there is an accompanying spiritual motto for all Shinson Hapkido training each year

You can see the yearly motto for 2020 here...