Dan System


The system of Ki generations follows the natural principle of water flowing down. Even though it will return upwards one day, this should happen with respect and deference. It is very important for the community to grow and blossom.

This principle suggests for Shinson Hapkido teachers and masters to become the water of life (wisdom of life) for others. They should give themselves up for others (become servants) and follow the principle of nature.

The system of Ki generations is the base for differentiating between Sonbaenim (higher student) and Hubaenim (lower student), irrelevant of their Dan grades. Every Ki generation is represented by its Ki speaker who is elected within the Ki and pronounced at the yearly Ki meeting. They serve as the intersection for passing on information of the Association, they represent the Ki generations at Dan exams and Dan meetings and they are the contact persons for problems in the Ki generation.

The Dan grades

In Shinson Hapkdo the Dan describes a outer and inner developmental stage in one's training. The goal is to come closer to oneself an >Do< with every step.

Grades Title Description
1.- 2. Dan Komjong Ddi (Black Belt) Dan bearer without Kyosanim-License. No official Shinson Hapkido Teacher, can assist in training.
Kyosanim Dan bearer with Kyosanim-License, official Shinson Hapkido Teacher.
3. Dan Bu-Sabomnim Candidate for the Masterdegree; Dan baerer with Kyosanim-License.
4. Dan Sabomnim Shinson Hapkido Master, Candidate for the Son teacher degree; Dan bearer with Kyosanim-License.
6.-8. Dan Sonsanim Son teacher; Dan bearer with Kyosanim-License.
9. Dan, Master Dae Sonsanim Grand master; Mother/Father of the Masters.
Dae Sabomnim Dan bearer with Kyosanim-License.