Shinson Hapkido - Background

Shinson Hapkido has its own wording with intersections in the philosophies of Asia and Europe. Deriving from the Korean natural philosophy the "teachings of the well-beeing of mankind" (in Korean: Hongig Ingan Sasang) as well as the "teachings of the grass-people"(in Korean: Min Cho Sasang) is an important root for our work.

The first describes how to make use of knowledge and community for the well-beeing of all people, the second how to master difficult situations and challenges and how not to give up, just like grass that rises up again after having been trampled down.

In Shinson Hapkido you do not have to blindly accept handed down ideas.  Shinson Hapkido remains non-committal towards both religion and  ideology. Through practising Shinson Hapkido personal attitudes to life and individual belief can deepen or change within your discretion.

The holistic approach of Shinson Hapkido - the teachings of the unity of all life and death (Hanol), the antipodes (Um and Yang), the teachings of the relationship between  heaven, earth and humans/all beings (Chon Jie In), the Five Teaching Methods (Oh Shil Sang), all this cannot be transferred completely to a western system. Still, we try a form of classification to show Shinson Hapkido in its possibilities and limitations.


Shinson Hapkido training in general and the multitudes of exercises in particular derive from the theory and practise of east-Asian medicine and philosophy. Concerning health issues, the most important concepts are those of Ki (the universal power in life) and Do (path, goal). Using the general term of Ki, we manage to describe the interactions of different factors concerning health-related consequences.

Every being comprises through its birth a measure of vitality and the ability to activate, to use and to regenerate it. This flow of Ki is influenced, supported or inhibited through outer factors such as climate, quality of food,,surroundings, the situation in the family, mental attitude  and convictions.

If the relationship between the inside and the outside, body and mind, individual and community is off-balance, we will experience stress, weakness, negative feelings, crises in development and illnesses. This is expressed through physical, psychological or social behaviour. The practise of Shinson Hapkido tries to strengthen the vitality and to equalize the imbalance. It activates self-healing powers and enhances the community.

As every person has different talents and needs, the field of exercises is wide.  So there are next to the general training specific exercises for certain illnesses or burdens or specific training groups for children, youngsters or seniors. However, the base for all exercises remains the same. Students will be given the opportunity of participating in exams to express their development. There is no competition. Regularly, there are events such as performances (often for the benefit of social projects) to strengthen personal growth and solidarity.