Recollection from Sonsanim

In the year 2008 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Shinson Hapkido. It is a little like a silver wedding: For a quarter of a century we have beem connected with "Do"... (Do - Way, principle, teaching, Nature, clarity, goal, intangible principle from which all forms descend)


Exactly 30 years ago I came to Europe as part of an official exchange program. First I came to Wiesbaden, where I taught, and then I went to Worms. In Worms I taught in a newly opened school. At the same time I showed elements of Korean culture such as Hapkido, Taekwondo, meditation, eastern medicine and philosophy to interested people in several European countries.

The memory of this this vivid and lasting but time has passed so quickly! Particularly in teaching I have felt more and more: The Mudo (= Budo) styles all share a common basic idea. You go the "way of the warrior", and you are oriented towards male values and sports. This is connected to the principles of "winning and losing". In this way, however, the real primordial spirit of "Do" is lost.


Due to these experiences I founded "Kung Jung Mu Sul Hapkido" in 1983 in Darmstadt, Germany (in a small school in Marburger Stra├če). Here I tried to focus on training more for a healthy body and mind and be active against violence. Of course there was also some focus on self defense but the primary aim was to share jointly.


With the five teaching methods (Oh shil sang) of trust, respect, patience, humility and humanity/love, we have gradually stabilized and disseminated this attitude. In 1993 I finally realized that even the expression "Kung Jung Mu Sul" ("Martial Arts of the Royal House") itself had a Mudo of Budo character. In other words, it was not for everyone. This is why I renamed to "Shinson Hapkido" to underline that the old wisdoms will be available for all.


This change was a clear parting from the old way. Shinson Hapkido is now for life. Behind this is the "Min Cho Sasang" - thought. Translated it means roughly: "A people like grass". This is understood as a positive characteristic, an ability of a large community to remain internally stable endure and prevail, get up to enjoy life, even under large external pressure.


During all this time is Shinson Hapkido has become more widespread - even to South America. The number of dojangs and members has increased. We meet regularly, share between us and support each other.


It is of special importance that we don't lose our gratitude and that we remain willing to help others in difficulties. Our community has kept developing under this motto.