Central to the practice of Shinson Hapkido are the Five Methods (Oh Shil Sang). They consist of five aspects of the inner perception of teaching and learning, that mutually overlap and depend on each other.

Confidence (Midum)

is the basis of all learning. This refers to trust both to yourself and others but it also entails a trust to life itself. Even if you have lost this trust, first step of every training lesson is the beginning of change. This is promoted by the practice and observation of three methods.

Respect (Yeey)

towards one self, other people and Nature. This helps us to recognize the common roots and the individual expressions of the individual.

Patience (Innee)

with one self and others to handle hard situations without using force and thereby building inner strength.

Modesty (Giomson)

shows itself through restraint in the exercise of acquired strength (humility). In situations of doubt and fear we can find courage through this.

Love (Sarang)

As the goal of this development the fifth aspect arises: Love without any expectations. It expresses itself through friendship with one self and others as well as in the warmhearted devotion to all living beings.

In the practical teaching every movement follows to fundamental rules:

1. Simple - clearly - enjoyment with pleasure
Movements in Nature are simple, yet powerful and full of grace. This is how the training is structure. Movement with pleasure and grace are possible for all people.

2. Look - breath - movement
A central concept of Shinson Hapkido is to experience heart, mind and body as one. In accordance with this, every movement begins with a look and gets its power through breathing. Through the constant exercise of thise basic rules it is possible to change old habits (of movement). Ones self esteem changes and with that also confidence and attitude towards everyday problems. For children, as well as for adults or the elderly: It is all about the focus on personal needs and experiences.

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