Han San Chon

Han San Chon is a medical and social care facility in Korea, for people who are severely affected by tuberculosis and the like. The place is run by the Korean evangelical sister order Diakonia Sisterhood.
Han San Chon gives terminally ill tuberculosis patients, who have fallen through the social fabric, a home - and when they die - their final resting place. Deadly Sick people who have nobody else are lovingly cared for and can die  with dignity. Additionally it provides scholarships to needy young people, who thus get the possibility of a future  profession. Furthermore the sisters help elderly in need, e.g. through free dinner, and care for orphaned or neglected children, sick and disabled. In 1986 Shinson Hapkido came in contact with this highly engaged form of social work through the acquaintance between Sonsanim Ko. Myong and sister Rhee, and has since supported the project Han San Chon.
Please download also our information/flyer about the project here...